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Are you entangled in a legal issue and looking for a skilled lawyer to help protect your rights? While there are several lawyers and big law firms out there, you must want a dependable lawyer who understands the law fully and ensures that you get a fair treatment.

You will find the accomplished attorney you need at the Law Office of Abraham Ritter.We are proud to be reputed as lawyers committed to delivering honest services and protecting our clients’ interests.As your trusted attorney, we work vigorously to provide creative solutions to your legal problems. When you hire us as your lawyer, we offer you:

  • Undivided attention to understand your situation
  • Sound legal counsel
  • Effective legal representation

Your case is not passed on to junior lawyers, but personally handled by our experienced attorney. Our lawyer works hard to take your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Attorney Specializing in Criminal Defense and DUI


In criminal defense or DUI cases, the legal knowledge and litigation expertise of lawyers can determine whether their clients face a prison sentence or have their charges dismissed or reduced. Therefore, it is important to hire a lawyer who is a proven expert in these fields.

Come to us when you need a criminal defense attorney. Our lawyer specializes in all types of criminal defense cases and has helped numerous clients stay protected. Our attorney works diligently to give you a solid and strong defense. With us, you get a:

  • Knowledgeable criminal defense attorney
  • Highly experienced criminal defense attorney
  • Aggressive criminal defense attorney

Our attorney does nothing without your consent while giving you the highest consideration and dedicated service.

Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Cases


Choosing the best lawyers to represent you in car accident or personal injury claims is not easy. Complex laws and the abundance of accident and personal injury lawyers may leave you confused. We are an attorney with the skill and integrity to get you justice and the deserved settlement.

We are a:

  • Personal injury lawyer with experience in your jurisdiction
  • Easily accessible, responsive and affordable lawyer
  • Lawyer who can devote adequate attention and time to your case

Your choice of lawyers can influence the turn your fate takes. Choose wisely; let our lawyer guide you through the complicated judicial process and give you a successful representation.

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