DUI Cases in Auburn - Understanding the Basics


DUI refers to driving under the influence of alcohol.  Being charged with it is a serious matter in Auburn, WA. A driver found to have BAC (blood alcohol content) above the permissible limits can be arrested and subjected to heavy penalties, license revocation and even a prison sentence.

The accused Auburn drivers need effective representation by expert DUI lawyers to get their charges dismissed or at least reduced. Not hiring DUI lawyers and going to the court on their own increases their chances of conviction. DUI lawyers, on the other hand:

  • Know the law
  • Know their clients’ rights
  • Know how to safeguard those rights and get clients’ out of the mess

Auburn residents looking for reliable DUI lawyers to represent them would do well to come to the Law Office of Abraham Ritter. Serving the community since 2009, we are a responsive DUI attorney who is sincerely dedicated to helping clients to the best of our abilities.

Auburn drivers charged with drunk driving should contact our DUI attorney without further delay!

DUI Attorney Aggressively Defends Auburn DUI Charges


Non-judgmental treatment, sound advice and aggressive representation – this is what Auburn clients can expect when they hire us as their DUI attorney.We are a:

  • DUI attorney with in-depth knowledge of the law
  • DUI attorney with impressive litigation skills
  • DUI attorney with a personal commitment to protecting Auburn clients’ best interests

With us as their DUI attorney, they get served with only the best in legal services. We realize that a DUI attorney cannot afford to have a half-hearted approach towards any case. Our DUI attorney aggressively defends every Auburn client, being there from beginning to end of the case.

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Auburn Residents


Conviction for drunk driving can make a lifelong damaging impact on Covington drivers. They must understand the gravity of the situation and go about choosing the DUI lawyers to represent them with full seriousness. They should look for:

  • DUI lawyers with experience in handling the most aggravated of DUI cases
  • DUI lawyers with skills proven over past successful cases
  • DUI lawyers with an outstanding reputation for ethical and committed services

We are a DUI attorney that scores favorably on all these criteria. Hiring us as their DUI attorney is an assurance for Auburn residents of the best possible outcome in their drunk driving case.

Get in touch with the Law Office of Abraham Ritter when you find yourself in need of an accomplished DUI attorney in the Auburn area. Call our law office at 425-312-6001.