DUI Cases in Covington - Understanding the Basics


The residents of Covington, WA charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) have more than their driver’s license at stake. Conviction in these drunken driving cases can threaten their reputation, freedom and livelihood. As growing pressure from an aware public results in stricter DUI laws, Covington drivers charged with DUI face fine, license revocation, vehicle seizure, a prison term and a felony record.

To protect them from the serious charges they face, such drivers need the assistance of:

  • DUI lawyers who protect clients from careless mistakes
  • DUI lawyers who help clients in holding the authorities accountable
  • DUI lawyers who exploit the police’s mistakes to defend clients successfully

The Law Office of Abraham Ritter is one of the leading DUI lawyers that Covington residents arrested for drunken driving can trust for extricating them from their situation. Our DUI attorney has been practicing since 2009 and knows the Covington legal system intimately. Our clients can be assured that their DUI attorney will go all out to protect their rights.

DUI Attorney Aggressively Defends Covington DUI Charges


We pride ourselves as being a dedicated DUI attorney that is prepared to fight hard for its Covington clients. On every case our DUI attorney takes up, our focus is on being by the client’s side at every step and vigorously defending their rights, reputation and life.

Our DUI attorney has succeeded in getting the charges dismissed or reduced in a majority of the cases. Our excellent past record should convince Covington residents about the wisdom in choosing us as their DUI attorney. They can depend on our DUI attorney to:

  • Listen patiently to them
  • Give them practical legal counsel
  • Provide them aggressive representation

Whether our client is a first-time offender or a repeat-offender, our DUI attorney has the knowledge, skills and resources to defend him/her well.

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Covington Residents


Whether guilty or wrongly accused, Covington residents need experienced DUI lawyers to help them challenge the authorities’ charges. They need DUI lawyers who are trained to spot weaknesses in the case prepared by the government against them.

We are one of the most accomplished DUI lawyers Covington drivers can hire to represent them and fight for their freedom. Our DUI attorney explores all possible avenues to protect the client, and:

  • Investigates facts
  • Reviews reports
  • Examines evidence

Covington residents can contact our DUI attorney for a free consultation.

When it comes to expert DUI lawyers serving Covington, the Law Office of Abraham Ritter ranks right at the top! Call our DUI attorney at 425-312-6001.