DUI Cases in Kent - Understanding the Basics


In Kent, WA, DUI/drunk driving is a serious criminal offense with life-changing consequences, such as going to prison, losing your driver’s license and employment issues. These cases can also be financially straining with expenses like:

  • Penalties
  • Court costs
  • Probation costs
  • Lost job opportunities
  • Increased insurance premiums

Drunk driving accused Kent residents need not lose heart. They have the help of DUI lawyers. However, they must remember that proper defense requires DUI lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the concerned law, functioning of breath testing equipment, field sobriety tests, and the client’s medical & emotional background.

Not all DUI lawyers make the time and effort to educate themselves and prepare a strong case. The Law Office of Abraham Ritter has one of the Kent are DUI lawyers who do. Since 2009, our diligent DUI attorney has been protecting the clients’ best interests. Our past record as a DUI attorney includes dismissals or minimized charges/penalties in most cases.

DUI Attorney Aggressively Defends Kent DUI Charges


No DUI attorney can guarantee case outcome.What a DUI attorney can do is to use all his/her knowledge, skill and experience to give clients the aggressive defense they deserve. We strive to do just that.

With our ethical practices and 100% commitment, we are one of the most reliable DUI lawyers in the Kent area. Our DUI attorney fights vigorously for clients at every step. For instance,

  • Our DUI attorney determines whether the arrest was made properly
  • Our DUI attorney checks if the sobriety test was administered properly
  • Our DUI attorney evaluates the evidence the police have against the client

As a sincere DUI attorney, we give effective counsel and representation to Kent clients and ensure their rights are not violated.

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Kent Residents


Kent residents charged with drunk driving cannot take chances with their future by hiring just any DUI attorney. They should explore all available options in DUI lawyers and choose a DUI attorney who does not just know the law, but has honed the knowledge with experience in handling numerous drunk driving cases.

We are one such DUI attorney Kent drivers can come to. We combine our vast DUI legal knowledge with extensive litigation experience to get justice for our clients. Our hard work has helped us achieve:

  • Excellent standing as one of the leading DUI lawyers in the Kent area
  • Satisfied and happy clients
  • The respect of our peers

Kent residents seeking one of the most competent and trusted DUI lawyers should contact the Law Office of Abraham Ritter at 425-312-6001.