A DUI Lawyer for Your Long-Term Safety and Security


The Law Office of Abraham Ritter has been providing expert services as a DUI lawyer, personal injury attorney and criminal attorney since 2009.

We are reputed as a DUI lawyer that ensures clients’ long-term safety with high-quality representation. Drunk driving/DUI is a serious offense with severe penalties and lifelong devastating consequences.You should consult a skilled DUI lawyer like us immediately.

As a committed DUI lawyer, we fight your case regardless of how weak it is.Our DUI lawyer works hard to help you safely out of the situation. Approaching your case with a winning mind-set,

  • Our DUI lawyer listens patiently to you
  • Our DUI lawyer keenly examines the circumstances
  • Our DUI lawyer studies the evidence against you
  • Our DUI lawyer advises you about your legal options
  • Our DUI lawyer fights aggressively to get your charges dismissed or reduced

Don’t take your DUI charge lightly. Contact our DUI lawyer for a free consultation today!

Personal Injury Attorney - Car Accident Attorney


Had a car accident? Suffered a mishap caused by someone else’s negligence? The most important thing you need after getting medical attention is the services of a personal injury attorney.A capable personal injury attorney by your side will help hold the guilty party accountable and get you duly compensated.

We are the reliable personal injury attorney you need. With us as your personal injury attorney, you are not left alone to handle the consequences of another person’s wrongdoings. We respect the trust you show by hiring us as personal injury attorney. You can be sure your legal rights will be well-protected as we are a:

  • Personal injury attorney with in-depth knowledge of the law
  • Personal injury attorney with rich legal experience
  • Personal injury attorney with strong investigative skills
  • Personal injury attorney with great negotiation expertise
  • Personal injury attorney with aggressive litigation capabilities

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Attorney


Every person is innocent until proven guilty – this principle guides all our work as a criminal attorney. If you are looking for solid and effective criminal defense, let our skilful and experienced criminal attorney represent you.

Our criminal attorney and his team of legal professionals are focused on maximizing your winning chances. To help take your case to a desirable conclusion, our

  • Criminal attorney forges winning strategies
  • Criminal attorney presents persuasive arguments
  • Criminal attorney depicts you in a positive light

Trust our criminal attorney for expert legal counsel and aggressive representation.

Need a dependable DUI lawyer, injury attorney or criminal attorney? Call the Law Office of Abraham Ritter at 425-312-6001.