DUI - Understanding the Basics


Many people think nothing of driving after having a few drinks. But, it is not really a good idea. Doing so may jeopardize your own, your co-passengers and other commuters’ safety, and it can also put you in a fix if you get caught. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense that leads to severe legal consequences and ruthless public humiliation.

Being charged with drunken driving can have grim outcomes that include:

  • Huge fines
  • Loss of driving license
  • Seizure of vehicle
  • Prison term
  • Criminal record
  • Mandatory rehabilitation or counseling

Fortunately, the DUI lawyers at the Law Office of Abraham Ritter are here to help. With our expert legal services and compassionate attention, we are one of the best DUI lawyers you can hire when facing DUI charge. Our DUI attorney fights hard to protect your rights and freedom, and restore your self-esteem.

DUI Attorney- Hiring the Right Attorney Makes a Difference


The services of extremely competent DUI lawyers are essential to help you survive the ordeal of unforgiving DUI charges. At a time when you receive no compassion from the legal system or from family and friends, finding the right DUI lawyers can make a big difference to your life.

We have the expert DUI attorney that you need. Our knowledgeable DUI attorney is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of drunken driving crimes and helps you by:

  • Navigating the intricacies of harsh DUI laws
  • Interpreting the rules in your situation
  • Pursuing all viable challenges to your prosecution

As your DUI attorney, we pay keen attention to the minutest of details to form the best strategies for handling your case successfully.

Experienced DUI Lawyers Can Alleviate Your Stress


As experienced DUI lawyers, we know that the damaging results of drunken driving charges can scar the offenders for life. Our DUI attorney offers the finest legal counsel to save you from DUI conviction.

We pride ourselves as DUI lawyers that have not only professional expertise to represent you well, but also the delicacy and sensitivity to alleviate your stress. We strive to be a:

  • DUI attorney who does not judge you
  • DUI attorney who gives you tough advice
  • DUI attorney who makes sound suggestions
  • DUI attorney who provides you aggressive representation
  • DUI attorney who offers kind and friendly treatment

When you want DUI lawyers who keep your needs foremost, come to us.

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