DUI Cases in Renton - Understanding the Basics


Being charged with DUI carries severe penalties in Renton, WA. Conviction can lead to life-changing consequences, impacting the charged drivers’ freedom, job, eligibility to drive and more. To minimize the effects of drunk driving charges, Renton drivers need the help of expert DUI lawyers.

As all DUI lawyers know, drunk driving cases primarily involve four issues:

  • Why their client was contacted by the law officer
  • What was observed by the officer after making contact
  • The result of a field sobriety test
  • The result of a breath/blood or urine test

Knowledgeable DUI lawyers minutely examine all the case aspects to determine a suitable course of action for the client. Expert DUI lawyers always consider the merits of each case to decide whether to enter into a plea bargain or strongly refute the charges.

With its experienced DUI attorney practicing since 2009, the Law Office of Abraham Ritter offers the expert Renton drivers can rely on.

DUI Attorney Aggressively Defends Renton DUI Charges


All the drivers out on the Renton roads must know their legal rights. When faced with drunk driving charges, they should contact a reputable DUI attorney immediately. We are an ideal option.

Our knowledgeable DUI attorney is well-versed with the Renton law about drunk driving. As a good DUI attorney, we also know the science behind BAC tests and understand how DUI arrests are made.All this knowledge has made us a:

  • DUI attorney expert at uncovering weaknesses in evidence against clients
  • DUI attorney capable of defending clients aggressively
  • DUI attorney skilled at protecting clients from unnecessary convictions or penalties

Our Renton clients can trust our DUI attorney to judiciously evaluate the specifics of their case and give them the right counsel.

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Renton Residents


Renton drivers facing drunk driving charges cannot be lax in finding suitably experienced DUI lawyers to represent them. Being casual in hiring the right DUI lawyers can cost them big by endangering their driving privileges, burdening them with huge fines and, at times, even sending them to jail.

Their search for experienced and reliable DUI lawyers ends with us. Renton residents who hire us as their DUI attorney can expect:

  • A free initial consultation
  • Personalized attention
  • Reasonable fees
  • High caliber legal counsel and representation
  • Full protection of their rights

We strive to do our best as a DUI attorney to ensure that a DUI charge does not ruin our client’s life.

The Law Office of Abraham Ritter ranks among the leading DUI lawyers serving Renton. Consult our DUI attorney at 425-312-6001.