DUI Cases in Tukwila - Understanding the Basics


Any resident of Tukwila, WA can be charged with DUI if he/she is found driving under the influence of alcohol (usually determined through a BAC test). Such a driver is likely to have several questions, including:

  • Do I have any legal rights?
  • Can the charges be challenged?
  • What happens if I am convicted?

DUI lawyers are the best source for correct answers to such questions. There are several DUI lawyers practicing in the Tukwila area, but the residents should understand that not all are equal. They should go to DUI lawyers who specialize in such cases and therefore, can be expected to have considerable knowledge and experience in dealing effectively with DUI charges.

The Law Office of Abraham Ritter is one of the expert DUI lawyers that can help Tukwila drivers. We have been serving the region since 2009 as a specialist DUI attorney. Our DUI attorney understands the seriousness of drunk driving charges and is focused on providing a strong defense to all clients.

DUI Attorney Aggressively Defends Tukwila DUI Charges


The outcome of a drunk driving case often depends on the capabilities and quality of the chosen DUI attorney.

Over the years of practicing as a Tukwila DUI attorney, we have observed how the sincerity and professionalism of a DUI attorney can make the difference between saving and ruining the client’s life. Our aim as an ethical DUI attorney is to make every effort to ensure that our Tukwila clients don’t get wrongfully convicted.

Our knowledgeable DUI attorney knows that BAC tests can be inaccurate. Our expert DUI attorney also knows that Tukwila drivers have certain constitutional rights and is determined to protect them. Every client having us as their DUI attorney receives our:

  • Patient attention
  • Sound legal advice
  • Forceful representation
  • Caring support

Experienced DUI Lawyers for Tukwila Residents


With all the DUI lawyers around, choosing the best one can be tricky for Tukwila residents. How can they know which DUI lawyers would be perfect for them?

They can place their trust in us. Our stellar reputation and happy client base proclaim us as one of the best DUI lawyers in the region. Our accomplished and experienced DUI attorney is a:

  • Recognized expert in his chosen vocation
  • Dedicated professional
  • Compassionate human being

This unique combination makes our DUI attorney the best option for the Tukwila drivers stressed by their drunk driving charges.

When it come to DUI lawyers, Tukwila residents need not look any further than the Law Office of Abraham Ritter.Call 425-312-6001.